Transcript for the video on the Bluesound "Touched By Sound" page


Scene: Woman sits alone in a dark room. Off camera a TV turns on illuminating her face with a light blue hue.

Title: Introducing the Pulse Soundbar

Scene: Close ups of "The Audience", one man and two women. Their faces are illuminated blue by an off-screen TV. Cut shots to close-ups of their ears. All three look riveted to what they are watching.

Title: True Hi-Resolution Sound

Scene: Close up of eyes while sounds of gasps and music still plays.

Title: Multi-Room Music Streaming

Music: Music changing to become more dramatic

Scene: Close ups of "The Audience". All are now emotionally moved by the off-screen presentation.

Title: Deep, Cinematic Bass

Scene: Close ups of "The Audience". All are now moved to tears.

Title: Have you ever been touched by sound?

Scene: Video ends with circular blue LED light. The LED fades out and is replaced by the Bluesound logo.


End of transcript.

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