A Sound In The Making

Introducing a new video series by Bluesound dedicated to spreading sonic enthusiasm whilst sharing our obsession with audio engineering and high resolution sound reproduction.

Read the Story Behind “A Sound in the Making”

Designed to showcase inventive and creative sound makers, A Sound in the Making brings you exclusive access to studio rehearsals, mixing sessions and on-site venue sound checks. Along the way we uncover unique insights into the processes, inspirations and ideas that go into making each band’s distinct sound—a parallel journey to our own quest for perfection in sound. Come along for the ride.

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Zara McFarlane Joins Us in Studio for History Making MQA Live Performance

A two-time winner of Jazz FM’s Vocalist of the Year award, Zara McFarlane has been charming listeners around the globe since her 2010, self-produced EP, Until Tomorrow. An eloquent and provocative singer-songwriter, Zara’s passion and dedication for her work made her the perfect pick to be the first-ever artist streamed live in MQA to multiple locations.

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ABOUT THE CREATORSBADBADNOTGOOD break down the most HiFi song they've ever recorded.

When discussing ‘Cashmere,’ the final track on their 2016 album IV, Toronto natives BADBADNOTGOOD describe it as “probably the hardest song to record on the record,” says keyboardist Matt Tavares. A complex song that demonstrates the band’s versatility and skills, ‘Cashmere’ is the band’s most HiFi song to date.

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ABOUT THE CREATORSMount Kimbie reveal the inner workings of ‘Four Years and One Day.’

Formed in 2008, English duo Mount Kimbie received critical acclaim for their 2017 album Love What Survives. As the album’s opening track, ‘Four Years and One Day’ is viewed by the band as “a signpost in the direction that we were trying to go on the record,” says Kai Campos. “We took a break from touring and writing about four years ago, and this is one of the first ideas that followed.”

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ABOUT THE CREATORSMilk & Bone deconstruct ‘Deception Bay,’ the title track that defines their new sound.

Recipients of the 2015 SOCAN Breakout Award, Montreal electropop duo Milk & Bone are redefining their sound with ‘Deception Bay,’ the title track of their new record. Although Laurence and her co-creator Camille Poliquin anguished over finalizing the record, the end result proved to be exactly what they wanted.

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