Just Add Speakers Terms and Conditions


    1. “Just Add Speakers” Offer
      End-user purchases of Bluesound PowerNode 2i with HDMI made between November 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020, may qualify for a $/£/€ 50.00 equivalent rebate with the additional purchase of a pair of loudspeakers, as set out in the terms and conditions below.
    2. Qualifying Purchase
        1. Product
          Only new, A-stock Bluesound PowerNode 2i with HDMI qualify for this offer. Open-box, B-stock, or refurbished products are ineligible. No other products beyond what is listed here are eligible. Limit of one rebate per qualifying purchase.
        2. Geography
          Any country where Bluesound is sold and where this offer is allowed by law.
        3. Channel
          All participating authorized Bluesound retailers or e-retailers. Specific terms and conditions of the offer may vary by retailer or e-retailer. Check with retailer or e-retailer for details.
        4. Term
          Purchase must be made on or after November 1, 2019, and on or before January 31, 2020.
        5. Purchaser
          Only end users making a purchase for personal use are eligible for this offer. Commercially motivated purchases are ineligible.
    3. Method of Redemption
      1. In order to redeem this offer, purchaser must make an additional purchase of a pair of loudspeakers of any brand, model, retail value, and from any participating retailer or e-retailer. The brand associated with this pair of loudspeakers is not connected in any way to this offer and Bluesound does not offer any warranties on this purchase.
      2. There are two ways in which a purchaser can apply for offer redemption.
        1. Qualifying purchases made on Bluesound.com must be redeemed online following directions provided at www.Bluesound.com/JustAddSpeakers. Status of your application of offer redemption can be made by contacting __________________. Please allow 21 days after application date to make status inquiries.
        2. Qualifying purchases made from participating Bluesound authorized retailers or e-retailers must be redeemed from the same retailer where qualifying purchase was made. Status of your application of offer redemption can be made by contacting the participating Bluesound retailer or e-retailer.
      3. The end user must submit proof of qualifying purchase, along with proof of loudspeaker purchase. Loudspeaker purchases from private individuals do not qualify for this offer. Loudspeaker purchase must be on or after the date of qualifying purchase and on or before February 14, 2020. Proof of purchase consists of an itemized receipt, listing retailer or e-retailer name and address, date of transaction, method of payment, sales taxes and other fees paid. Proof of payment must be legible and complete. Bluesound and/or its authorized distribution or retail partners reserve the right to request additional information or documentation to verify qualifying purchases and/or loudspeaker purchase.
      4. Offer redemption must be submitted no earlier than November 1, 2019, and no later than February 14, 2020.
      5. Rebate amount will be credited to method of payment and in the currency used for qualifying purchase. The rebate amount will not exceed the equivalent of $/£/€ 50.00 after transaction fees and inclusive of sales taxes, using prevailing exchange rates available to Bluesound and/or its authorized distribution or retail partners on the date of refund where applicable. Allow up to 14 days for credit to be applied.
      6. Bluesound and/or its authorized distribution or retail partners reserve the right to deny offer redemption for any reason.
    4. Additional Conditions and Limitations
      1. Bluesound and/or its authorized distribution or retail partners are not responsible for an lost, corrupted, incomplete, late, inaccurate, or invalid information supplied when applying for offer redemption.
      2. Purchasers should retain all documentation relating to qualifying purchase and loudspeaker purchase. All information and documentation submitted in your application for offer redemption becomes the property of Bluesound and/or its distribution or retail partners and will not be returned.
      3. If qualifying purchase is returned for any reason after the offer is credited and within the normal terms and conditions of the authorized retailer’s return policy, any refund issued on return will be net of the offer credit.
      4. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
      5. This offer is valid until supplies last.
      6. Offer may change or be terminated without notice.