Introducing BluOS Software Update 2.0

22 March 2016

lossless high-res streaming

BluOS software, version 2.0, includes a major update to the BluOS Controller Apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X, and features an enhanced app interface, Apple Watch support, and Radio Paradise integration. 

Since launching Bluesound Gen 2 in the summer of 2015, our team has been solely focused on delivering a simpler, cleaner, and faster way to experience multi-room music. After listening to your feedback over the last several months, we’re very excited to introduce the new BluOS platform, and the first phase in a fresh new music experience that is built for the future of hi-res music streaming at home. 

Today’s new update, BluOS 2.0, will make discovering and playing hi-res music, wirelessly in the home, more interactive and a whole lot easier. Here are some of the main enhancements:

Say hello, to the new look
Designed by and for those who love music, our new BluOS Controller Apps for smartphone, tablet and desktop feature a new modern interface that connects you more deeply with your music, with full-screen album artwork and new icons.

Touch = Play, with SmartPlay
It’s now easier than ever to play your favorite songs or albums, with SmartPlay. Simply tap a song in the app and your music choice plays instantly, while automatically adding in the remaining tracks.

Browse faster and easier, with enhanced search
Our new app allows you to explore – everything from your music services, internet radio stations, music library and favorites – with quick and easy single-search discovery.

Control your music, right from your wrist
Instantly check what’s playing, select a Player, or change the track at a glance with support for Apple Watch.

Play anything, in any room, with ease
Use the new mobile widget to quickly access your presets and control music with a single swipe, without ever launching the app.

Listen to any radio, from anywhere with TuneIn®
Can’t find your favorite radio station listed? Grab the station’s url in MP3, AAC or WMA streaming formats, and manually add it to TuneIn as one of your radio favorites.

Stream Radio Paradise® on Bluesound
Internet radio fans can access and stream a commercial-free blend of music genres, carefully selected by real music fans with streams up to 320kbps.

Get the full BluOS 2.0 software release notes here.

While not every planned change is included in the initial launch, BluOS 2.0 furthers our mission to deliver the best music experience possible throughout your home.

Be the first to experience the new way to connect and interact with the music you love. Download the new BluOS 2.0 firmware and apps from any smartphone, tablet or desktop at