How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bluesound HUB

13 July 2022

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bluesound HUB

The Bluesound HUB bridges the gap between your beloved music collection and multi-room, hi-res audio system. Finally, there is a way for your Bluesound players around the house to support the playback of your rare vinyl or CD collection using this highly versatile network accessory. Here are three ways the HUB can benefit your home audio setup.

1. Extend Your Multi-Room System

HUB next to turntable

The HUB allows you to extend your Bluesound system to include non-BluOS players like turntables, CD players and TVs, equipping them to be multi-room sources. To turn any audio device into a whole-home source, simply connect your device directly to a HUB and stream it over the network to any other Bluesound player with a few taps on the intuitive BluOS Controller App. The HUB integrates with BluOS so that other Bluesound (and BluOS) players on the network can see the HUB’s sources as their own and control them through the app. Bring up to four HUBs on a single network and enjoy listening to music from any device without having to move players around your house or be entangled in wires.

2. Make All Your Music Playable

HUB next to some tapes, CD's and vinyl

Whether you want to listen to your favourite vinyl on repeat, or the 80’s CD that isn’t available on a streaming service, the HUB is equipped with multiple source inputs to cover all your audio source types. On the back panel of the HUB, there are a host of digital and analog audio inputs. From Stereo Analog, and a low-noise, moving magnet Phono stage to HDMI eARC, Coaxial, and Digital Optical, these five input options will likely support your audio device. At any given time, the HUB can simultaneously play one analog stream and one digital stream to different Bluesound or BluOS players, so you can listen to a nostalgic record in the kitchen while playing a jazz CD in the home office. Whether it be rare collections, personal playlists or vintage records, the HUB lets you stream anything to anywhere in the house without being limited by the proximity of your players.

3. A Sound Solution for Your TV

You can even use the HUB as a means of upgrading your TV sound or switching up speaker orientations for your entertainment setup. Keep your space clean and uncluttered: use a HUB connected by HDMI to your TV with a stereo pair of Bluesound all-in-one speakers like the FLEX 2i, MINI 2i or PULSE 2i as your TV sound solution. The small and sleek design of the HUB along with its one-wire USB-C power connection allows it to hide seamlessly behind large amplifiers, TVs and electronics on a credenza or shelf.

Take a closer look at the HUB by clicking here.