Transcript for the video on the Bluesound "POWERNODE 2i Product" page


Voiceover: The POWERNODE is an integral part of the Bluesound ecosystem that unlocks a world of high fidelity streaming.

An image of the Bluesound family of products is shown, followed by a number of POWERNODE 2i lifestyle images.

Voiceover: As a high resolution streaming music amplifier the POWERNODE connects directly to your existing speakers, providing unlimited access to streaming music services and your local library.

More POWERNODE 2i lifestyle images are shown

Voiceover: The POWERNODE is a sophisticated 60 watt integrated amp capable of handling even the most demanding speakers.

A top view of the POWERNODE 2i is shown and zooms out.

Voiceover: Its high quality DAC makes the best of your music no matter the source.

The screen splits into four squares showing some of the more popular music streaming services available to be enjoyed on the POWERNODE 2i.

Voiceover: Connecting to your home network is easy using dual band Wi-Fi or gigabit ethernet.

A top view of the POWERNODE 2i is shown with blue rings pulsing from it to symbolize a Wi-Fi connection.

Voiceover: Having control over all this is easy with the BluOS controller app.

A variety of devices including computers, tablets and cell phones group at the center of the screen, all displaying the BluOS Controller app.

Voiceover: Featuring dual optical analog inputs, a headphone jack, AirPlay2 and two-way Bluetooth, the POWERNODE has redefined HiFi systems for the modern world.

The screen pans across the back of the POWERNODE 2i showing all the input and output options available.

Voiceover: Introducing the POWERNODE. Just add speakers.

Title: #LivingHiFi

Voiceover: Discover what it means to be "Living HiFi".

End of transcript.