Transcript for the video on the Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i product page

[Music Plays]

A Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i is shown on screen

Voiceover: The PULSE FLEX is part of the larger Bluesound ecosystem allowing you to enjoy high res audio in any room of your home.

A group shot of Bluesound family products is shown.

Voiceover: The PULSE FLEX is a high resolution portable streaming music speaker that goes well beyond bluetooth and gives you unlimited access to an ever-expanding music universe.

Various lifestyle images of the PULSE FLEX 2i are shown.

Voiceover: It's a very sophisticated speaker with a high quality DAC that makes the best of your music source whether it's online or in your own local library.

The screen is split into four squares showing music streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL and then switches to examples of other sources like internet radio or your local library.

Voiceover: Having control over all this is easy with The BluOS controller app.

A grouping of devices including computers, tablets and phones enters the screen, all running the BluOS Controller app.

Voiceover: featuring a number of connectivity options including AirPlay 2 and Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth, the PULSE FLEX gives you the freedom to play your music your way.

The rear of the PULSE FLEX 2i is shown, with multiple technology logos appearing on screen.

Voiceover: Connecting to your home network is easy using either dual band Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The top of the PULSE FLEX 2i is shown with pulses coming from it to symbolize a Wi-Fi connection.

Voiceover: Add to its flexibility with optional accessories like the wall mount for space-saving placement or the battery pack for true Wireless portability.

The Bluesound WM100 wall mount bracket is shown holding the PULSE FLEX 2i on a wall. An image of the battery pack then appears.

Voiceover: Top button presets make selecting your favorites quick and easy.

A close up image of the top buttons on the PULSE FLEX 2i is shown.

Voiceover: High fidelity anytime, anywhere with the PULSE FLEX

Title: #LivingHiFi

Voiceover: Discover what it means to be "living Hi-Fi".

End of transcript.