Transcript for the video on the Bluesound PULSE MINI 2i product page

[Music Starts]

Title: PULSE MINI 2i

Voiceover: The PULSE MINI is a compact high-resolution music speaker part of the larger Bluesound ecosystem that goes well beyond Bluetooth and opens up a whole new world of streaming possibilities.

An image of the Bluesound family of products appears, followed by lifestyle images of the PULSE MINI 2i.

Voiceover: it's a very sophisticated speaker with a high quality DAC that makes the best of your music source whether it's online or in your own local library.

The screen splits into four squares showing some of the popular music streaming services that can be enjoyed on the PULSE MINI 2i.

Voiceover: Having control over all this is easy with the bluOS controller app.

A number of devices including computers, tablets and cell phones gather at the centre of the screen, all running the BluOS Controller app.

Voiceover: Featuring a number of connectivity options as well as AirPlay 2 - and two-way Bluetooth, this compact all-in-one speaker gives you complete control of your listening experience.

A close up of the inputs and outputs on the PULSE MINI 2i is shown.

Voiceover: Connecting to your home network is easy using either dual band Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet.

A top view of the PULSE MINI 2i is shown with blue rings pulsing from it to symbolize a Wi-Fi connection.

Voiceover: With 100 watts of output power the PULSE MINI has the ability to fill most living spaces with ease.

The PULSE MINI 2i is slowly zoomed in on and the grille is uncovered to show the woofers and tweeters on the speaker.

Voiceover: Rule your sonic domain with the PULSE MINI.

Title: #LivingHiFi

Voiceover: Discover what it means to be "Living HiFi".

End of transcript.