Transcript for the video on the Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i product page

[Music plays]

Graphics appear on screen “PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i”

Voiceover: The PULSE SOUNDBAR is a revolutionary all-in-one high res audio system that turns music movies sports and video games into a fully immersive sonic experience.

Various images of the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i are shown.

Voiceover: Featuring six integrated high performance speakers and two advanced passive radiators, the PULSE SOUNDBAR heightens every layer of acoustic detail.

The screen is split into squares of various music streaming sources like Spotify and TIDAL.

Voiceover: It makes the best of your music no matter the source.

A rear view of the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i is shown.

Voiceover: Seamlessly connect the pulse sound bar to your network using Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet.

A number of computers and tablets are shown.

Voiceover: With the BluOS controller app you can easily stream to multiple Blusound players throughout the home creating an intuitive multi room music system.

The top view of a bedroom is shown with different music players pulsing to highlight they are working in unison.

The screen changes to a shot of the BluOS Controller app in action on a cell phone.

Voiceover: You can also adjust volume levels and select listening modes to cater to your viewing preferences.

An animated controller appears and starts controlling the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i.

Voiceover: An IR remote can be programmed for added ease of use.

The Bluesound TS100 TV stand and PULSE SOUNDBAR mount are shown.

Voiceover: The choice is yours. Place the PULSE SOUNDBAR on your entertainment unit Bluesound universal TV stand, or even wall-mount it.

A lifestyle image of a wall-mounted PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i and big screen TV is shown.

The shot changes to a close up of the inputs and outputs on the back of the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i, with various technology logos shown.

Voiceover: Connectivity is a breeze with HDMI Arc, AirPlay2 and two-way bluetooth. Add the wireless pulse sub and experience an extra level of bass.

A white PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i is shown.

Voiceover: Home entertainment just got a huge upgrade.

Title: #LivingHiFi

Voiceover: Discover what it means to be living hifi

End of transcript.