Transcript for the video on the Bluesound VAULT 2i product page

Title: VAULT 2i

Voiceover: The VAULT is part of the larger Bluesound eco system, allowing you to enjoy high res audio in any room of your home.

An image of the Bluesound family of products appears on screen followed by a variety of VAULT 2i lifestyle images.

Voiceover: It's a high resolution streaming music player that connects directly to your existing stereo, home theater receiver or even a pair of powered speakers giving you unlimited access to an ever-expanding music universe.

More VAULT 2i lifestyle images are shown, then a top view of the product.

Voiceover: The VAULT is a sophisticated preamp that features a bit perfect CD Ripper, two terabytes network storage and a high quality DAC that makes the best of your music source no matter where it is found online or your own local library.

The screen is split into four squares showing some of the more popular music streaming services available to be enjoyed by the VAULT 2i.

Voiceover: The two terabytes of storage provide ample space for ripped CDs or digital downloads so a computer isn't required in the BluOS environment.

A graphic is shown on screen highlighting the storage capabilities of the VAULT 2i.

Voiceover: Having control over all this is easy with the BluOS controller app.

A variety of devices including computers, tablets and cell phones group in the middle of the screen, all displaying the BluOS Controller app.

Voiceover: Featuring an array of connectivity options including AirPlay2 and two-way bluetooth, the VAULT connects to virtually any device.

The screen pans across the rear of the VAULT 2i, showing all the different input and output options available.

Voiceover: It even has a headphone jack.

The front of the VAULT 2i is shown, highlighting the headphone jack placement.

Voiceover: Rip it, download it, store it all with the VAULT.

Title: #LivingHiFi

Voiceover: Discover what it means to be “Living HiFi”.

End of transcript.