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High-res audio that fits under your 4K TV.

It may fit perfectly—and beautifully—under your 4K TV but this is so much more than just a soundbar. It's a revolutionary all-in-one high-res audio system that supports audio resolutions of 24 bits and up to 192kHz sampling rate—turning music, movies, sports, video games and concert films into a fully immersive sonic experience.

Home entertainment just got a huge upgrade.

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”The soundbar's grand scale will draw you into the action, and the full-bodied approach means it's comfortable to listen to.”

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Multi-room music streaming.

The world's first multi-room high-res soundbar is your mission control for launching an audiophile-grade music experience. With the ability to stream studio master quality music to every room, you'll be touched by sound throughout your house.

Discover a whole new world of sound.

Experience multi-room music
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Deep, cinematic bass.

Now you can literally feel what you're hearing, with 120 watts of direct digital power pumped through 6 individual amplifiers feeding 8 isolated speakers to create a full, dynamic range and astounding bass response.

No subwoofer required.

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Have you ever been touched by sound?

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