If you have manually downloaded an .IMG file from an authorized Bluesound Support source, you may copy it to the root directory of a FAT32 or NTFS formatted USB stick and upgrade the firmware without connecting the Player to the network.

  • Disconnect the AC Power cord from your player

  • Insert the USB device into the back panel of the player.

For Players with a Touch Cap:

  • Reconnect the AC Power cord, when the Play/Pause Button turns Red, press and hold on it.

  • Continue to press the Play/Pause Button until the LED moves from Green, back to Red.

For Players with a Play/Pause Button:

  • While pressing the Play/Pause Button on the player, reconnect the AC Power cord and continuing to press the mute button for 5 seconds after the LED has turned Red

  • The player will then start copying the image file and update the firmware, to confirm this is happening, the Play/Pause Button LED will begin blinking an alternating pattern of green and red

Once completed, the player should reboot on its own and return to normal functionality, remove the USB stick.

Firmware Downloads

Download the release notes for all models here:BluOS Release Notes 2.2.3 (PDF)

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